DMWA operates a PADEP-permitted water treatment plant, an Inclined Plate Settler, two 2-million gallon capacity storage tanks, and approximately 38 miles of underground water mains, to ensure the continuous delivery of top quality potable water to your homes and businesses. As you can well imagine, all of this equipment ages while we look at it and operate it. Keeping up with maintenance, physical upgrades, and ever-evolving regulatory requirements is a costly and never-ending task. That is why we must charge you, our customers, for the delivery of water and related services, as well as for the physical improvements and routine maintenance chores we face on a daily basis.

In mid-2015 the Board of Directors of the DMWA reviewed then-current revenues against projected maintenance and upgrade needs, and determined that we would need to raise rates for water usage in planning for late 2015 and 2016 Capital Projects. In July of 2015, the Board raised the rate for potable water to a single tier unit rate of $9.50 per 1,000 gallons, applied to all water usage after the August, 2015, meter reading. All other fees and charges remain unchanged. You will see this rate increase reflected in your December, 2015, quarterly bill. Even with this rate increase, DMWA’s rates remain about 30% lower than those of the private water companies bordering DMWA to the east and west, and those companies will be petitioning the Public Utilities Commission for rate adjustments with the next year.

If you would like to know more about some of these projects, please read the contents of the other bullets under this DMWA NEWS button. You can re-visit this part of the WebSite periodically, as we will be updating news items from DMWA as things of interest happen.

DMWA Prepares to Re-Paint the South Storage Tank.

DMWA completed a survey of the conditions of both of DMWA’s storage tanks several years ago. This survey indicated that the North Tank was in operable condition for the foreseeable future. However, the survey revealed the South Tank had several zones of rust spots and pits in the inside of the tank that would require comprehensive servicing of the Tank. In September of 2015, we will take the South Tank out of service. We will sandblast the interior walls, top to bottom, repaint the entire interior of the Tank with four coats of sealant and paint, and install a new PAX™ Mixer within the tank to assist in managing water quality. Then the tank will be re-filled, tested, and returned to service. Project duration is expected to be about 2 months, and total project costs of about $650,000. Approximately 75% of the project is underwritten by a Chester County infrastructure improvement Grant.

DMWA Solicits Bids for Filter Media Re-Bedding.

In September of 2015, DMWA will solicit bids for a Capital Upgrade Project to re-bed the filter media in DMWA’s primary filtration equipment in the main plant. The current filter media have reached their useful life, and they require replacement as soon as possible. The Project is expected to take about between five and six weeks in November and December of 2015, and cost about $240,000 underwritten by internal DMWA Capital funds derived from customer billings.

DMWA Commences Professional Services Project to Replace PLCs

The DMWA water treatment plant is operated by a Programmable Logic Controller System (PLCs) -- computers which integrate all of the operational data from the plant, and allow the plant operators to produce top quality water reliably. This system is approaching the end of is useful life, and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. DMWA has completed the preliminary engineering and planning phases of this Professional Services Project, and anticipates starting the implementation phases of the project in January, 2016. Project duration is anticipated to be about 6 months, at a projected cost of about $440,000 underwritten by internal DMWA Capital funds derived from customer billings.